jason schwartzman reggie watts babies youtube music awards Jason Schwartzman and Reggie Watts tried, but the YouTube Music Awards were a complete messThis is how disorganized and weird the YouTube Music Awards were: at one point in the first 20 minutes of the show, broadcast live from New York City, hosts Jason Schwartzman and Reggie Watts picked up a couple of babies from the audience and carried them around for a while as they presented an award.

Seriously. They just picked them up from Rashida Jones (why she was hanging out around a couple of babies is still unexplained. Also who did they belong to?), and carried them around for a while while they introduced an award, then presented the shiny rectangular “trophy” to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis while the babies cried in their arms.

“Babies cry, but they’re amazing. I can’t believe we won these babies,” joked Macklemore in his acceptance speech.

Nobody knew what was happening pretty much the entire time, proving very quickly that a successful award show needs much more than a cool concept — artists performing “live music videos” in front of an audience — to be successful. Or entertaining.

For example here are a few things that could’ve improved the inaugural YouTube Music Awards: rehearsals, scripts, producers (to point out that making the hosts dig through a bunch of cakes with their hands to find out one winner is probably not as exciting to watch as you’d think), directors, commercial breaks (to move setups without subjecting the audience to the hosts roaming the venue while the winner they’re trying to present an award to jumps up and down and waves her arms).

And speaking of the awards themselves, did someone just spray paint an external hard drive red and stencil a play button on top? Because that’s what they looked like. One winner called his trophy “the dopest paper weight ever.”

It wasn’t all terrible. The pre-produced video packages were cool, as were several of the live music videos. But next time — if there’s a next time, which there shouldn’t be, because this was a complete waste of time and money — perhaps YouTube should put a little thought into the actual award ceremony part of their award ceremony.

Posted by:Jean Bentley