Walter, the pint-sized star of “The Muppets,” made his late-night talk show debut Monday (Nov. 21) on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” where he learned that show business can be a rough game.

Walter and “Muppets” human star/co-writer Jason Segel were talking about how Segel cast Walter in the role, with both of them noting that it seemed like he was made for the part. But then Fallon asked Segel if Walter was his first choice for the role, and the young Muppet learned one of the lessons of the biz.

“Walter was close to my first choice,” Segel says. “My first choice was Michael Cera. … This wasn’t originally a Muppet movie.” (Segel is perhaps referring to the creation of Walter’s character as detailed near the end of this New York Times story.)

It’s OK, though, Walter: Tom Selleck was almost Indiana Jones, and both he and the movies turned out just fine.

Posted by:Rick Porter