Ladies and gentlemen, meet Melissa Kellerman. She’s a four-year veteran of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad, and thanks to Cowboys tight end Jason Witten, she’s a lot more famous than she was a couple days ago.

Witten caught a pass from Tony Romo in the fourth quarter of the Cowboys’ Thanksgiving game against the Miami Dolphins and was forced out of bounds by Miami linebacker Marvin Mitchell. Unable to slow his momentum, Witten then tackled Kellerman, who was facing the stands and didn’t see the play coming.

She was fine, if a little bit shocked: The CBS cameras captured her jaw-dropped reaction to Witten taking her down.

In her profile on the Cowboys cheerleaders site, Kellerman says her favorite sport to play is football. Based on how she took the hit from Witten, it seems like she might not be bad at it. And we’re sure Witten got plenty of grief from his teammates: Pick on someone your own size, buddy.

Posted by:Rick Porter