Tonight, on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” the show’s host and Jay Leno will address the rumors that Fallon might take over the “Tonight Show,” when Leno’s contract expires. A video preview showing the two men about to have a phone call hints at what might come.

Is this going to be a real conversation? Will it be a “Late Night” comedy bit? Or is this just an April Fool’s joke to celebrate April 1?

The video doesn’t give much away, other than that this conversation will occur by phone, will involve both hosts and has something to do with the rumors about who will soon host the “Tonight Show.”

Oh, and there’s also the fact that at least part of this “Late Night” segment is pre-taped. Take that as you will.

For some time now, rumors have circled that Jimmy Fallon was next in line to take over the “Tonight Show” after Jay Leno. There have even been indications that Fallon might get the show sooner rather than later. Leno’s own comments and jokes about NBC have also indicated some discord as well.

We’re not likely to get definitive answers — not on a day like April 1 — but this may be at least a start.

Posted by:Laurel Brown