jay leno retirement tour tonight show gi Jay Leno will tour after 'Tonight Show,' won't consider reality TV

Jay Leno paid a visit to Craig Ferguson‘s “Late Late Show” Tuesday night (Sept. 3) and shared a bit about his career plans after his final “Tonight Show” turn, which is rumored to be coming as soon as Feb. 2014.
When Ferguson casually asks if anything is going on in the world of late night (hinting at the impending “Tonight Show” and “Late Night” upheavals), Leno exclaims, “The wars! The living hell. You’re out here in the trenches; you don’t see anything.”
Ferguson asks Leno directly what he will do when his time on “The Tonight Show” is up. More specifically, will he go out on the road full-time? Leno says he will tour more than he does now. “I like the road,” he says. “Because when you’re a comic, you know when it’s working or not. When you’re in TV, you don’t know.” 
He went on to share an anecdote from his early career about purposely following Richard Pryor on stage every night at The Comedy Store. “You really found out if something was funny,” says Leno, referring to Pryor being a tough act to follow. “I would have to work — comics are inherently lazy — and I just got rid of everything that didn’t kill.”
Leno also takes the opportunity to throw a jab at NBC for pushing him out of his late night slot. “You can be 64 and swim 110 miles,” he says, referring to Diana Nyad’s history making swim. “But you can’t be 64 and host a late night show.”
As for whether he would consider turning to reality TV (a la “The Celebrity Apprentice,” perhaps?, Leno says that’s a no-go. “Reality shows aren’t shows,” he says. “There’s nobody writing it. There’s just a camera following people around — that’s not a TV show.”
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