jeff goldblum wedding photo dinosaur t rex Jeff Goldblum encounters a T. rex at friend's wedding and does the only appropriate thingAs anyone who’s been in a wedding party knows, there are an array of various poses a photographer will suggest to spice up the wedding photographs. One style of these poses is to pretend the group is running away from some sort of creature.

In the case of Pamela and Jesse Sargent, photographer Adam Biesenthal had them and their friends pose like they were running away from a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex. What makes the Sargents’ photo special, though, is that “Jurassic Park” star Jeff Goldblum is in it.
“When Dr. Ian Malcolm is a guest at your wedding…anything can happen! #MustGoFaster #pjmuskokamarriage,” Biesenthal posts to his Facebook page.

Must go faster indeed … all the way down the aisle. Congrats on the best wedding photo ever, Sargents. And congrats on getting Goldblum in another “Jurassic Park” sequel, sort of.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz