jenna jameson disoriented interviews Jenna Jameson appears disoriented, slurs words during interviews

Former porn star Jenna Jameson is out promoting her new book, “Sugar,” but it’s not exactly going well. Jameson had two interviews Monday morning, both of which raised a few eyebrows.
First Jenna stopped by “Good Day New York,” where she was supposed to take part in two-segments of the show. The questions tended to stray quite a bit to her past in porn and her relationship with ex-boyfriend Tito Ortiz, with whom she has twin sons. She doesn’t seem to be able to actually come up with any clear answers though, except that her book is better than “Fifty Shades of Grey.” According to TMZ, the interview was cut short, running only one segment.
After that, Jenna appeared on Fox 411, where things didn’t go much better. According to Diana Falzone, Jameson has trouble walking in her own. Once the interview got underway, Jameson’s speech was slurred while answering questions like why women should read her book. “Right, I think that fiction is a thing that women really want to ..l they wanna feel … they wanna be able to like be on the airplane and read it.  So yeah,” she answers. “This book is all based on truth. A lot of my truth. I made sure I didn’t say anything exact but there’s a lot of truth in there.”
Her rep attributed the behavior to a late-night flight, after she appeared on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live.” To Jameson’s credit, she seemed far more energetic on that show. In the past, Jenna was accused by Ortiz of being addicted to OxyContin, though he later recanted the allegation. She was also arrested for, and plead guilty to, DUI in 2012 after her car hit a light pole.
Check out two of Jenna’s appearances, “Watch What Happens Live” and “Good Day New York,” below so you can see the differences:

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