tori spelling jennie garth red carpet 325 gi Jennie Garth calls Tori Spelling 'Mystery Girls' reunion 'such a gift'

Jennie Garth was only a little mystified that Tori Spelling came to her with a reunion project.
The actresses have remained close friends since their “Beverly Hills, 90210” days as Kelly Taylor and Donna Martin. They’re about to go back before the cameras together in “Mystery Girls,” an ABC Family pilot about — of all things — former TV-series co-stars who become amateur sleuths.
“It is such a gift,” the pleasant Garth tells Zap2it of the new project, on which she and Spelling also are executive producers. “She and I have an unspoken connection. I’ve got her back and she’s got my back; we’re like sisters, and the comfort I have in working with someone like that is immeasurable. I can’t put words to it.”
As close as they’ve been for so long, Garth says she and Spelling didn’t get serious about an on-screen re-teaming — though they were together in a couple of episodes of The CW’s “90210” update — until “Mystery Girls.”
“I never thought we would do it, honestly,” Garth maintains. “It never even crossed my mind. This was an idea Tori came up with and took to ABC Family. She started developing it and then brought it to me. She said, ‘That’s a no-brainer. That should be Jennie playing that role.'”
Garth is busy again in general: A spokesperson for Eye Saw Good, a campaign to ensure vision care for children in need, she also stars in ABC Family’s original movie for its upcoming “25 Days of Christmas.” Premiering Sunday, Dec. 8, “Holidaze” surrounds her with traditional themes as a workaholic who returns to her hometown and reunites with her childhood sweetheart (fellow “Dancing With the Stars” alum Cameron Mathison).
Since her three daughters are regular ABC Family viewers, Garth is glad to be working so much for that network … but where “Mystery Girls” is concerned, she knows from experience that nothing is a done deal until it’s on the air.
“Things are always changing,” she reasons. “I think the show is going to be really fun. It will have appeal to our audience — which is maybe a little bit older than their core demographic, but Tori and I have such a loyal following — and I think the usual ABC Family audience will like the show as well.
“At this point, it’s just a pilot, so it’s a little ambitious to be talking about it. I’ve been in this situation many times, where everybody is so excited about a pilot and then it doesn’t go. But this feels good, and we’ll see.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin