jen aniston courteney cox Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox: From 'Friends' to Frenemies rumor roundupJennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox have been besties since their days on “Friends,” but those days may be numbered according to Us Weekly. Unnamed sources tell the mag that the duo is on the outs, saying “there’s tension.”

]]>David Arquette — From refusing to file for divorce, to hanging out with “Cougartown” co-stars Brian Van Holt and Josh Hopkins (both of whom have denied any romantic connection to the actress on multiple occasions). “Jen thinks Courteney is acting callous by running around with this guy but refusing to file the divorce papers,” a source claims. “Like she’s playing mind games with David.” But why does Aniston supposedly care about Arquette’s feelings? Let’s just say it drudges up old Brangelina memories. “She hates watching Courteney do the same thing,” the source adds of that infamous 2005 divorce. Not so fast, gossipers! Aniston’s rep tells Celebuzz that any report of a falling out is “a complete fabrication.” Adding, “Jennifer has always and continues to consider Courteney a real and close friend.” Not only are the gal pals on good terms, they were even joined by new friend Chelsea Handler at a small soiree last Friday, where the ladies spent some quality time with Aniston’s (rumored) new beau, Justin Theroux. Another unnamed source tells People that all three girls “had a great time and enjoyed Justin’s company.” Phew! Crisis averted.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci