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It’s important to look your best when you are launching anything new. Jimmy Kimmel understands this. This may be the reason why he inaugurated the new time slot for “Jimmy Kimmel Live” with a brand-new haircut. It is also probably why he got Jennifer Aniston to perform the trim.

After years languishing in the midnight slot on ABC, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” finally got to move up 25 minutes. Starting on Tuesday, Jan. 8, the show airs in its new time of 11:35pm Eastern, 10:35pm Central (aired later and not-live for Mountain and Pacific time zones).

Kimmel’s first big guest was about as big as you can get — Jennifer Aniston. But why did she give Jimmy a haircut?

Apparently, when Aniston was a child, she would earn pocket money by cutting friends’ hair. Kimmel, of course, had to see this for himself and challenged the actress to give him a new hairstyle to go with the new air-time.

The fact that Aniston hadn’t given a haircut in decades didn’t seem to bother Jimmy Kimmel very much. The question is: Did she manage to cut around any hair loss?

Posted by:Laurel Brown