aniston hair Jennifer Aniston goes brunette for 'Horrible Bosses': Yay or nay?We already know that she wasn’t a fan of “The Rachel” — her iconic ’90s-era “Friends” ‘do — but Jennifer Aniston isn’t afraid to try out new looks. And in the upcoming “Horrible Bosses,” she’s sporting a new, darker look — perhaps to match her character, who plays a dentist who sexually harasses an employee (Charlie Day).

In a new poster for the movie, Aniston shows off darker tresses, bangs and a stern (obviously bad boss) vibe.

But don’t expect Aniston to sport brown locks in real life. Her colorist, Michael Canale, tells Us Weekly that the dye jobs are only for movies.

“I began by taking her from a medium brown to a light golden brown with two bright highlights to accent the ‘Rachel’ cut,” says Canale. “From that point on we gradually went blonder.”

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Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson