aniston smartwater Jennifer Aniston's SmartWater 'sex tape': Viral or just illin'?In a new SmartWater marketing video, Jennifer Aniston basically does everything short of lobbing darts at a poster of Angelina Jolie in an attempt to make the clip go “viral.”

So, Jen shares the screen (the YouTube screen) with a lip-synching tween, dirty dancing CGI babies, a set full of admittedly adorable puppies, a parrot that calls her “Rachel” and the Double Rainbow guy. Oh, and then there’s the part where she kicks a guy in the crotch.

Obviously, this is must-see Internet TV:

So far the vid has racked up a grand total of 305 hits — which amounts to a solitary sneeze in terms of viral popularity. It’s probably not too late to add that Jolie scene.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson