jen garner gi Jennifer Garner to play a young Miss Marple for DisneyJennifer Garner is going back to solving mysteries — this time as quintessential British busybody, Miss Marple, according to Deadline. Jane Marple, of course, being the officious elderly spinster created by Agatha Christie who solves crimes in between gardening and gossip, usually in her quaint English village of St. Mary Mead.

But, fear not, Garner will not be required to age herself for the role ala “Nanny McPhee.” Instead, the new movies will chronicle a younger Jane Marple in her ’30s or ’40s. A Marple who is totally hot, yet still ends up a spinster?

Will a younger Marple play? Part of the charm of the character is that a woman who is usually dismissed as a feeble-minded spinster is actually hiding a razor sharp intelligence and taking in every detail while seemingly fussing over tea cozies and scones.

The BBC did a smashing job of re-working Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Sherlock Holmes” into an updated miniseries last year, setting the action in current-day London with Watson a veteran of the war in Afghanistan and Holmes a high-functioning, benevolent sociopath. It totally worked, but it was also totally edgy.

Disney is behind all the “Miss Marple” fuss. So will Christie’s prim spinster be re-geared as a kid-friendly franchise or will it remain true to the spirit — if not the letter — of the books? 

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson