Jennifer Lawrence had her “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” media tour go out with a bang when she stopped by “The Daily Show” to talk with Jon Stewart about the flick. But like most celebrity interviews on “The Daily Show,” Stewart spent little time actually discussing the movie and most of the time just talking at his guest.

In this case, Stewart got things off on an awkward foot when he brought up the fact that Lawrence’s hair warranted a CNN alert. “Oh my god, I know. That was seriously the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life,” she replies. “Can you imagine getting your hair cut and then finding out about it on the news?”

But the interview took a turn when Stewart promised to blow Lawrence’s mind with a reveal that ended up being … a picture of a young Helen Mirren. Stewart was trying to say that Lawrence looked a lot like the dame in her younger years, but Lawrence wasn’t buying it.

“Well you blew my mind from my entire situation. That was just so random and I never could have expected that. I had no idea that you were going to do and I could have never guessed that you would do that,” she deadpans.

When Stewart laughed it off to note that he’s not very good at these, Stewart replies to let him know she’s well aware.

“Your producers and everyone involved in the show tells everyone. They’re like, ‘He’s not really gonna know a lot about the movie or about you.’ Normally you have like a pre-interview and you kind of go over like bullet points of things we want to touch on. [Jon’s producers] are like, ‘No, no you guys are just gonna talk. He’s just probably not gonna ask you anything about the movie. He might not ask you anything,” Lawrence says. “They told me not to look at your nipples.”

The rest of the interview follows in that fashion as Lawrence admits she almost ran out on to the “Daily Show” stage with a raw turkey on her head and Stewart acknowledges he knows nothing about “Catching Fire,” but it’s amazing nonetheless. Lawrence sums it up nicely when she tells Stewart, “You are so weird.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz