jlo idol floor Jennifer Lopez performs 'On The Floor' on 'American Idol'

Talk about a quadruple-threat: Singing, acting, dancing and judging!
On Thursday, May 5, Jennifer Lopez proved why she is fit to be a judge on “American Idol” when she took the stage to perform her new single “On The Floor,” which has hit No. 1 in 18 countries.
We were sold on this performance before it even began — Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler and their bowl of popcorn were just too cute sitting in the audience waiting for her to begin!
The performance started with rapper Pitbull in the audience before working his way on stage, where the music video for the song was playing on the jumbo-screen. Soon, the lady of the hour came out in a glittering gold outfit that showed off Lopez’s seriously toned abs.

We give Lopez a lot of props for singing live when singing has never been her strongest asset, and you know what? She sounded pretty good. Not Haley Reinhart good, but good nonetheless. It’s a club hit — no crazy vocals are really necessary. As always, Lopez’s dance moves were awesome and she worked the stage like a true performer. 
P.S. How cool was it when Lopez smashed the glass cases, releasing her back-up dancers? So. Bad-A**.

What did you think of Jennifer Lopez’s performance of “On The Floor,” Zappers? We will post video of the performance as soon as it becomes available.
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