jennifer lopez lawsuit naked photos Jennifer Lopez sued: Man claims she demanded naked photos

Well, this is a definite surprise. A man named Rodrigo Ruiz is suing Jennifer Lopez for $10,000, claiming the “American Idol” judge demanded he send her naked photos.
As the story goes, Ruiz says he submitted a demo tape to someone he believes was connected to Lopez. In reply,  “Lopez” asked for more demos and some naked pictures. Ruiz thought that meant he could have a future in the music industry and maybe even a relationship with Lopez. When neither of those things happened he got professional help.
Ruiz shared some of the letters he says Lopez sent him with TMZ. The first two are fairly tame, though they ask him to submit photos “with clothes and without clothes.” The third one he made public is a bit more profane, reading, “I have a new boyfriend which means your in for the long haul and you have to put up with the fact that I am f***ing him and sucking his d***.”
According to TMZ, the P.O. box Ruiz was writing to did not, in fact, belong to Lopez, which shouldn’t be even a little surprising. It’s owned by a 53-year-old Los Angeles woman. When contacted, she reportedly claimed to run a fan mail exchange program for the singer. Lopez’s rep says the suit is a “small claims matter” and that Lopez has never been in communication with Ruiz.
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