Jennifer Lopez debuted her new video “On the Floor” Thursday night (March 3) on “American Idol” — and it’s pretty hot.

By most accounts, Lopez has been a real trooper since joining “Idol” — she and her colleagues laughed off early reports of outrageous on-set behavior, and the contestants really seem to love her. But a girl’s got to let her diva out somewhere, and J. Lo does that to full effect in “On the Floor.”

The song itself (featuring rapper Pitbull) is a pretty standard-issue club jam (sample lyric: “I know you got it, clap your hands on the floor/And keep on rockin’, rockin’ up on the floor”), but it’s also pretty darn catchy. It’s several steps up from “Louboutins,” at any rate.

The video presents Lopez in three different guises, and in all three she looks, not to put too fine a point on it, hot. She appears as a gold-clad club queen, a midriff-baring dancer who — wait for it — is down on the floor, and in a sparkly jumpsuit in a handful of transition shots.

Take a look and listen to “On the Floor” up above. What’s your verdict?

Posted by:Rick Porter