jennifer nettles red acrpet nc 325 Jennifer Nettles: 'Duets' has 'been quite a learning experience'

Zap2it: If you were launching your career now, would you consider being a contestant on “Duets”?
Jennifer Nettles: You know, it’s so hard to say. I would hope that in some ways, I would be open to it. I’ve always been that way in my career, this being a current example of exploring new things and doing what it takes to get material heard.
If there were something else opening up when I was coming through the ranks, I would like to think I’d have been open. We are in such different times than we were 20 years ago.

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Zap2it: When did the “Duets” process actually begin for you?
Jennifer Nettles: The producers approached me last November, to plant the seed and say, “Hey, it’s an idea we’re throwing around, and we’d love for you to be a part of it. Can we talk about it?” I knew we were going to tour this year, so it was very important to answer whether or not this was right. And I ultimately, and thankfully, decided that it was.
Zap2it: How has being available for “Duets” worked out in tandem with your current Sugarland touring?
Jennifer Nettles: It’s been quite a learning experience … and I mean that literally and as the “wink-wink” euphemism that it can be. I have learned a lot about the pacing of television.
The priorities are different than a live show, though “Duets” will end up being live, and I find I’m more comfortable with that element. Television also is interesting from a scheduling standpoint. That has been a bear!
Posted by:Jay Bobbin