meganfox 290 "Jennifer's Body" star Megan Fox tells Cosmo all about her bodyMegan Fox, star of “Jennifer’s Body,” is ready to talk about Megan’s body.

The starlet, so lovingly photographed in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” is surprisingly self-conscious, going so far as to hope she’s not recognized while conducting a Cosmopolitan interview at a restaurant.

“I’m very confident in how I project my personality,” she tells the magazine. “But in terms of how I look, I’m completely, hysterically insecure. I’m self-loathing, introverted and neurotic.”

The article also promises to reveal the exact number of men — make that boys, a term Fox uses maybe as “a superiority complex – my needing to keep them down” — who have seen the actress naked. Sadly, you’ll have to pick up the October Cosmo for that tidbit.

“Jennifer’s Body,” in which Fox plays a cheerleader possessed by a murderous demon, appears in theaters Sept. 18.

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Posted by:Andy Grieser