jensen ackles twitter supernatural Jensen Ackles joins Twitter: 'Supernatural' fans rejoiceThe final “Supernatural” hold out has finally joined Twitter. Jensen Ackles or @Jensenackles, actor, director, husband and father is officially a member of the Twitter family.

The actor is in good company, as his co-stars Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and Jim Beaver all have a very strong social media presence already. 

Ackles seems to be doing pretty well so far, within an hour of creating his account, he had over 100-thousand followers.

While, not yet verified, the account appears to be legit as Ackles’ put out his first tweet from a Vancouver “Supernatural” convention he is currently attending with a picture and we hope it is the beginning of many more beautiful things shared on his Twitter page.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins