Eight-time “Jeopardy” winner Ben Ingram defeated two of the show’s longest-running champions — Arthur Chu and Julia Collins — to win the 2014 Tournament of Champions on Friday (Nov. 21).
Ingram held a commanding lead after the first half of the two-part final, leading Chu by $10,000 and Collins by more than $19,000 going into the last game. He protected that lead, and despite guessing wrong on the Final Jeopardy answer (Shakespearean Geography was the category), Ingram walked away with the $250,000 top prize. Chu finished second, earning $100,000, and Collins got $50,000 for third place.
“When I won, I was bewildered, and my fellow champions came to mind first,” Ingram says in a statement. “We had all worked awfully hard and played well, and my first thought was: ‘How did that happen to me, of all people?’ It wasn’t until I looked up at the scoreboard and saw the big $250,000 under my name that it really sank in.”
Ingram was an eight-time champ during the 2012-13 season. That streak puts him shy of Collins (20 games last season) and the controversial Chu (11 games last season), whose application of game theory to “Jeopardy” provoked the ire of some fans. Ingram got the upper hand, though, with the big money on the line.
Posted by:Rick Porter