We love “Jeopardy!” Not just for its addictive trivia goodness, but for the unexpectedly humorous moments that just kind of happen in the heat of competition from time to time. One of those moments — one that is sure to go down in the “Jeopardy!” Fail Hall of Fame — unfolded on Monday (Jan. 16).

The category was “Punch” and the question was, “A blow to the back of the neck is the punch named for this animal.”

With a straight face and we’re pretty sure totally unfeigned naivete, the mild-mannered (and sweater-vested) contestant Mike Hatch answered “What is a Donkey?”

That’s when host Alex Trebek chuckled audibly to himself and the game show went on record with making an oblique reference to one of Urban Dictionary’s cruder terms. (Learn at your own risk.)

Mike was deemed wrong, by the way. The correct answer was rabbit.

Two questions, though:

1. Was Mike really wrong?

2. Is anyone else surprised that the 71-year-old Trebek was familiar with the term?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson