Jeremy Piven may have just started a rivalry between “Sherlock” and “Mr. Selfridge.” The actor slammed Benedict Cumberbatch during a “Jimmy Kimmel Live” interview on Wednesday  (March 19).

Fortunately, the anger from Piven is mostly just as a joke.

Since both Piven’s “Mr. Selfridge” and Cumberbatch’s “Sherlock” air on PBS in the United States, the public broadcaster arranged a joint Q&A session for the two actors to talk to critics. It didn’t work out so well for Piven. “They guide me to the stage in the dark, and when the lights come on they say, ‘Please give your questions to ‘Sherlock,’ and they forgot to say ‘Mr. Selfridge,'” Piven tells Kimmel. “I am standing there on the stage while hundreds of people made their way to Benedict Cumberb**** … I am alone. And it was so humbling and horrifying.”

Although one critic reportedly did want to hear something about Piven’s experience with “Entourage,” “Sherlock” ruled the day.

If you thought any of this was sincere, however, don’t worry. Piven means for his comments to be taken in a jokey fashion, at least as far as his fellow actor is concerned. “He is a brilliant actor and a true gentleman and ‘Sherlock’ is genius. I am a huge fan, and he’ll never speak to me again!” laments Piven.

Season 3 of “Mr. Selfridge” premieres March 30 on PBS.

Posted by:Laurel Brown