kara luiz jerks with cameras interview 'Jerks With Cameras' season finale: Kara Luiz loves being called a 'Jerk' In most cases, being called a jerk would be a bad thing. But for the pranksters on MTV’s comedy series “Jerks With Cameras,” it’s actually a “badge of honor.”

Improv actor/comedian Kara Luiz has spent the better part of the past season pranking innocent bystanders on the streets of LA, and couldn’t be prouder when people call her a jerk. “I like it! It’s a badge of honor because it shows that we’re brave,” Luiz tells Zap2it. “All the jerks have to be brave. You have to be willing to go out into public and mess with people and be yelled at. It’s a unique skill and I’m proud of it.”

But just because they seem brave doesn’t mean they’re fearless. “I am the biggest scaredy-cat of the entire cast. I am always scared and I’m always nervous,” Luiz confesses. “Pretty much anytime I have to do a prank I have to amp myself up. I feel like I’m a soldier. When I know that I have a prank to do, I just get in that frame of mind and go do it. But I am a complete chicken about it. I don’t think everyone else is as nervous as I am though. It’s not second nature exactly to come right out and do some of this weird stuff that we have to do for the sake of television.”

Each week, the jerks have presented their videoed pranks to the rest of the cast, and Luiz remembers her favorite prank she pulled. “I really enjoyed the one where I played a reporter live on the scene, and I was putting people on the spot. They thought they were on live television and I would introduce them with very insulting and ridiculous questions,” Luiz says. “That was so fun because I was just 100 percent playing myself for that prank and it would totally catch people off guard. They would get totally freaked out, thinking they were on camera.”

Of course, not all her victims thought it was as hilarious as she did. “I don’t even remember what I said to this one guy but he ended up coming back around on his motorcycle and was throwing up double middle fingers and calling me an a**hole,” Luiz says with a laugh. “Especially when you’re in downtown LA, you’re going to get a colorful cast of victims. That was actually the first prank that I did for the show. It set the right tone for what everyone on the show was going to see from me, I think.”

As for Luiz’s cast members, she recalls one prank in particular she enjoyed. “I loved Justin Hires’ prank from last week when he was playing an exterminator. He was walking around in a white suit and spraying people with water,” Luiz says. “Justin running around, screaming, almost getting hit by people, it never fails to make me giggle like crazy. It’s always hilarious to see when people want to get physically violent.”

And according to Luiz, physical violence is very common with their victims. “I have witnessed so many of the men on our show almost get hit,” Luiz says with a laugh. “And when it gets to that point, that’s how you know that you’re doing your job. You’ve reached the epitome of jerk and that person is ready to throw down.”

But don’t worry: No one actually throws any punches. Safefy first, and all that. “At that point the pranks have to be broken up,” Luiz reveals. “And then the people that were ready to punch you one second are laughing hysterically the next. It’s rewarding seeing that everyone we pranked ends up giggling. That’s something the audience doesn’t get to see, though. But it’s so funny to see how made people get and then a second later they’re cracking up when they realize they’re on an MTV show. They all signed their release paperwork and I guarantee they all did it with a smile.”

Luiz knows that since the audience doesn’t see the aftermath of victims laughing, some may think their pranks cross a line. “It’s all in good fun. We’re laughing the whole time, the people we pranked end up laughing, it’s just funny,” Luiz says. “It’s good natured and it’s all real. Nothing is staged. These people are really reacting to what’s going on. It might not be how you think that you’d react, but you never know what you’d do in that situation.”

The season finale, airing on Thursday (March 20), is going to be a bittersweet affair. “The entire cast is going to be really sad to see the final episode air,” Luiz says. “It’s gone so fast and it’s been so fun. We’re going to miss it.”

“Jerks With Cameras” Season 1 ends with the finale on Thursday (March 20) at 11 p.m. ET on MTV.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum