jermaine jackson ellen degeneres show Jermaine Jackson: Conrad Murray's 'sentencing was very soft'Michael Jackson‘s older brother Jermaine Jackson stops by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Wednesday (Nov. 9) to talk about the Conrad Murray verdict, in which he was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson’s death.

Murray is currently being held in custody until his Tuesday, Nov. 29 sentencing when he could receive up to four years in prison. But Jermaine thinks he’s already gotten off easy.

Ellen: “Do you think that [Michael] could of hidden the fact that he was addicted to something? Is that possible?”

Jermaine: “No, he wasn’t addicted. There was an addiction to Demerol in 2001 in … the early 2000s but that was because of pain. Even during the autopsy report there was no addiction to any of that. Michael just wanted to sleep. He did not want to die. He trusted the doctor and the negligence and everything.  It’s really sad because we lost an incredible person. To see and hear the verdict … My mother cried and we consoled her and the fans were cheering and everything but it’s not bringing Michael back. We lost a brother.”

Ellen: “No, nothing is going to bring him back but what would make you happier. What kind of sentence? What would at least help you feel better?”

Jermaine: “That’s a good question. I think the sentencing was very soft. I mean, you would probably do more time if you stole. If you went into the hospital and stole cases of Propofol you would probably do more time then. And to give him two years for taking a life? Forget about Michael Jackson, but taking anyone’s life. But it happens to be my brother who loved the world and loved people and did so much for the world … He cared about people, human beings, children.”

Ellen: “Well, clearly we all lost somebody great. That we all have feelings about and memories attached but the fact that a doctor, someone we trust like you said, could be allowed to ever possibly get their license back after something like that. That should just be a given that he would never be able to practice again. That should be at the very least. We would know that he would never be able to practice again.”

[Ed.’s note: Conrad Murray has only been convicted so far, not sentenced. The sentencing happens Nov. 29]

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