jermaine jones idol 2 Jermaine Jones' 'American Idol' castmates bid the 'gentle giant' farewellIf Jermaine Jones‘ ouster from the “American Idol” Top 12 came as a shock to viewers, it was even more surprising to his fellow finalists.

Zap2it spoke with the competitors after Wednesday’s (March 14) performance show, and they all said they were kept in the dark about Jones’ departure, and didn’t find out the details — that he had four outstanding warrants for his arrest — until the live show with the rest of America.

Colton Dixon explains, “We heard very briefly kind of what was going on last night — that he wasn’t going to be continuing with us — but we didn’t know why. We found out when you guys did, all the details. I hate that for him. Everyone has a past, and his just happened to be exposed. But he handled it so well and I’m so proud of him for that.”

Joshua Ledet, who was roommates with Jones, says, “We found out when America found out. We just knew something was up
because he wasn’t around, and seeing that he had to leave it was very
devastating for us.”

Big things can still happen for Jones, Hollie Cavanagh predicts. “We were all in the waiting room and we saw that interview and we were all just taken aback by it,” she says. “It’s really sad and really unfortunate, [but] he’s going to be huge in the music industry. It’s not the end for him. We wish him all the best. He was always so funny.”

People make mistakes in life, and Elise Testone hopes people will be able to move past Jones’ legal troubles. “That doesn’t define him. This is just part of his life. He’s going to be fine. We’re all very very sad not to have him with us. He was our buddy and we love him to death.”

Erika Van Pelt
has similar well-wishes for Jones: “It’s shocking and it’s confusing for us, and it’s emotional, but we’re
just hoping that everything gets worked out at home for him, and we’re
just praying every day for him.”

Ultimately, Shannon Magrane says she wishes the cast had been able to say goodbye to Jones before he was ushered back to Philadelphia. “He’s always had that fun, humorous spirit. He always kept all of us laughing and we just all wish we could have said goodbye to him.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley