jerseyshorecast mtv 'Jersey Shore' cast lands Barbara Walters' 'Most Fascinating People': 5 things we want to see

Barbara Walters‘ annual “Most Fascinating People” special always includes some interesting characters, but the 2010 edition will feature some very special guidos that have certainly caught our attention. Yes, that’s right people, even Babs has been bitten by the “Jersey Shorebug and will include the cast in her “Most Fascinating People of 2010” when it airs on Thursday, Dec. 9th. 
We may or may not indulge in the filthy guilty pleasure that is The Shore, and have compiled a wish list of sorts — the top five things that we are hoping to see from our favorite MTV cast (“Teen Mom’s” okay too but… back to the point) when they face Barbara. 
1. No Angelina

This may be a given, but you never know what that sneaky grenade, Angelina Pivarnick, is up to sometimes. She’s two for two in bailing on the show, and opted not to show up for the Miami reunion special (no one missed her). But, with the release of her hoppin’ new rap single “I’m Hot” we can’t be sure that the Staten Island Dump, as she is so affectionately referred to by her former male co-stars, won’t be looking for some more publicity. Barbara, no matter how much Angelina might beg, just say no! We really can’t take her anymore. 
2. Vinny announces he’ll do Playgirl

Ever since Snooki’s infamous comment about putting a watermelon in a pinhole, fans have been just a little bit curious about what Vinny Guadagnino‘s got going on down there (don’t lie). Jersey’s resident heartthrob was rumored to have been offered a feature in Playgirl, which he reportedly turned down. However, Vinny took to Twitter to say that no such offer had been made (but neglected to comment on whether or not he would accept said offer if it were real). Basically what we’re getting at is — Playgirl should make an offer, and Vinny should accept. On to the next one. 

3. Snooki’s impression of “South Park’s” “Snooki”

First of all, we really do love Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. As much as everyone rips on the little orange one, she is truly one of our favorites. That being said, we actually felt a little bad after “South Park” aired their version of “smush-smush.” But ever the good sport, Snooks took to Twitter to say she thought the episode was absolutely hilarious (which it was). We are setting our DVRs with hopes of hearing — just once — “Snooki want smush-smush,” and then we will rewind and play it about 500 more times. 

4. JWoww announces her own personal line of boxing equipment

We realize that boxing and wrestling are two different things (one’s real and one’s fake, obviously). But after Jenni Farley aka JWoww‘s stint on WWE, we wouldn’t mind having that chick in our corner. That is why we are secretly hoping to add JWoww boxing gloves to our holiday wish list. They’d be perfect for all those times our friends try to fight us for writing an anonymous note outing their boyfriend for cheating on them on national television. Well, ’cause you know that happens all the time.
5. Ronnie and Sammi break up. For real.

Speaking of… Yes, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola are (probably) still dating. Why? We have no idea. That is why Barbara needs to use her powers to step in and end this thing once and for all. As if it’s not enough that we had to waste half of Season 2 watching their useless relationship go up and down, we predict more Ron and Sam drama to continue through Season 3 (which has already wrapped). We are not looking forward to it. At the Miami reunion special, they confirmed that their on and off relationship was in the on-status, though there was not a single housemate who found it amusing or supported their “happiness together.” Seriously, you guys are annoying. We predict some tension on the Dec. 9th special (as there usually is), but we are hoping for an “it’s over” announcement on the horizon. Ok, now we feel cold-hearted… but this madness needs to end!
Tune in to ABC at 10 p.m. on Dec. 9th to see what actually happens.

What would you like to see?

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci