snookie deena tca getty 'Jersey Shore': New guidette, Deena Nicole, and the mythology of GTLThe “Jersey Shore” crew made quite an entrance at the TCA Press Tour, entering from different parts of the audience. They also brought along their newest housemate, Deena Nicole Cortese

MTV’s official announcement of the new cast member wasn’t a big surprise for us, since the news broke in late-July. If it makes MTV feel better to make it “official,” then fine, we’ll roll with it.
We in the press (and we’re sure the viewers, too) have already realized there’s a mythology surrounding “Jersey Shore” and the cast and network play along. We don’t want to say they straight up lie to us, but maybe they play the publicity game too well. For example, we know that Jenni “JWOWW” Farley and off-then-on-then-off-again cast member, Angelina Pivarnick, did not get along during Season 2. Yet, when we saw them at the MTV Movie Awards in the midst of shooting in Miami, they said they were fine and acted as if they were buddies.

jersey shore mtv deena nicole tca press tour 250 'Jersey Shore': New guidette, Deena Nicole, and the mythology of GTL

Deena Nicole, pictured right, gave a lot of glowing praise for the crew. She said they accepted her into their home and treated her like family. Her mythology, as far as the show is concerned, is that she and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi were “Shore” buddies. Deena Nicole, an actual New Jersey resident, says she was going to “The Shore” so much to party with the crew that Snooki asked her to just move in. Now, that’s a totally believable story in the mythology of the show.

Yet, we already know that Deena Nicole auditioned for Season 1 and didn’t make it into the house. We can’t say for sure how much a real friendship with Snooki played into her being cast for Season 3, but we also can’t believe that the show’s producers didn’t have a hand in it, as well. Were they keeping Deena Nicole in their back pocket all this time? 
We also know that Deena Nicole entered the house right after some very interesting negotiations took place between the rest of the cast and MTV over their salaries. In those negotiations, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino made a power move that we’re sure forced the others’ hands. He split from their usual “‘Friends’-style” negotiating technique and struck a deal for himself first.
When Zap2it asked him about it at the panel, Mike admitted to “taking a lead” in the negotiations, but said he was keeping in touch with the cast the whole time. It may be presumptuous (since MTV doesn’t comment on negotiations), but it stands to reason that Mike’s move limited the other guidos and guidettes’ negotiating options. Subsequent rumors that the other cast members were over Mike’s ego seem very believable. So, their chumminess during the TCA panel just seemed to us like more of that mythology we mentioned earlier.

Of course, the cast loves to answer questions with, “You’ll just have to watch and see.” So, if history repeats itself, we believe we’ll see that most of the “rumors” we’ve heard about the cast will end up being true in Season 3. And Deena Nicole, despite the loving scene you’ve painted, we look forward to seeing what it’s like for you to enter a house divided.
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