jersey shore reunion main 320 'Jersey Shore' reunion: 8 memorable moments from the tanorexics

The “Jersey Shore” reunion was the final goodbye to a fist-pumping Season 2 of The Shore-goes-Miami. 
It was full of moments we’ll never forget (i.e. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Angelina Pivarnick’s fight) and others that we wish we could (Ronnie Magro’s wet three-way kiss, maybe).
Here are our 8 most notable moments of the reunions special:
1.) A guidette short: Seems that Angelina decided not to show up. Any complaints?
2.) How to defuse a grenade: Well according to Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, you would use the “spin method.” In other words, you tell the girl she dropped her purse, and then you make a dash for the door. “You bounce on the girl,” says DJ Pauly Delvecchio. “Before she blows up.”

jersey shore reunion the guys 'Jersey Shore' reunion: 8 memorable moments from the tanorexics

3.) Importance of “t-shirt” time: It completely sets the mood for night. Without it, your shirt would be wrinkled and/ or stained, Mike commented. MTV rolled clips of the boy singing their “t-shirt time” tune. Ronnie surprisingly has a decent singing voice, right?
4.) Ronnie and Sammi: Looks like their relationship status on Facebook is still set to “in a relationship” as the two confirmed that they are still going steady. Hopefully, we don’t see Ronnie on an episode of “Cheaters” before Season 3.
5.) Bromance on The Shore: Vinny and Pauly got “wifed up” with each other this season. Vinny Guadagnino was indeed Pauly’s “dude.” The dynamic duo was a match made in heaven. Ronnie will be best man at the wedding, we’re sure.
6.) Mike vs. Pauly: It’s a recap of Mike not being very “MVP” like. He commits a deliberate robbery attempt on Vinny’s girl, Ramona. According to Snooki’s count, Mike “c***kblocked” Pauly twice. Someone call the Guido police.
7.) Mike and the tranny-chasing chronicles: After a couple martinis at the club for Mike, everyone starts to look good, even the “tran-ades.” A new term coined for transsexual grenades. He’s says it was the first time that has ever happened. Wink. All we know is that Mike isn’t “trying to deal with that kind of warfare.” Mike had to let the androgynous beauty go.
8.) Snooki makes a “toot”: It was a quick moment, but we all heard it. The flatulence was loud and unforgiving. We can only be thankful that smell-o-vision has not yet been invented.
What where your most notable moments of the reunion? 

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Posted by:Michael Davis