js deena falls 'Jersey Shore': Sammi loves Ron. So what else is new?The second episode of “Jersey Shore’s” fourth season was — let’s admit it — filler. The show opened where the premiere closed, with Deena and Pauly D sucking face. She wants to “do sex” with him, but he’s worried she’ll “have feelings” if they do, so no go.

In other news, Mike tried again to press his case with Snooki only to be rebuffed. It’s okay. He hooked up with Britney from Florida whose parents are so regretting that Eurrail Pass right about now.

If you were betting that Sammi would hold out until at least week three or four before falling for Ronnie again, you lost your money. A drunk Sammi declared her love for Ron. We’ll find out next week whether he hearts her back and wants to rekindle a relationship which, for them, involves Sammi lying around in bed all day to save energy for the inevitable daily dumb argument.

We thought it would be fun to play “Guess who said this!” with the five lines below. We’ll give you a hint, one of the housemates is quoted twice (answers below):

1. “What the hell is this? Nothing is in English.”

2. “I’m so proud of myself for not falling last night.”

3. “The situation is very good when it comes to relationship advice.”

4. “Yo Vinnie, want some chapstick?”

5. “I really miss you. I just wanna go in the bed and cuddle with you.”

js sammi ron 'Jersey Shore': Sammi loves Ron. So what else is new?

1. Deena attempting to shop in an Italian grocery store.

2. Deena, the morning after falling at least twice and possibly three times.

3. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, whose relationship advice consisted of rubbing Snooki’s knee in an unsavory manner.

4. Pauly D, who had just evicted Deena from his lap saying he had to get up and do something.

5. Sammi to Ron, starting us down a familiar path.

Bonus footage:

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