js finale groupshot 'Jersey Shore' season 5 kicks off in JanuaryIf your New Year’s Resolution is to watch more “Jersey Shore,” then you are definitely in luck. On Wednesday (Nov. 2), MTV announced that the reality hit will return to the airwaves on Jan. 5, 2012. The show’s 5th season has been in the can for a couple of months now, but season 4’s run only wrapped up a couple of weeks ago.

This time, Snooki, “The Situation,” JWOWW, Ronnie, Pauly, Vinnie, Sammi and Deena will be back on their home turf: Seaside Heights, N.J. Season 4 followed the kids to Florence, where they proceeded to learn almost nothing about Italian culture, but lots about Deena’s bicuriousity and Mike’s alleged extracurricular activities with Snooki.

Doubtless the crew — and fans — will be happy to see our favorite GTL-ers witihn walking distance of a good tanning salon and surrounded by flimsy paste-board walls much more suited to Situation head-ramming than Florence’s age-old plaster. Also, we’ll sleep easier at night knowing they can party at Karma and other favorite bars where it isn’t a crime to flash your kooka (or wait — it probably is) and Snooki and Deena won’t get faux-assaulted with ice cubes.

Thankfully, MTV has released a preview clip centered around Pauly’s tanning over-correction. He got so pale in Florence that, when he was back in range of a tanning bed, he “burned his face off.” Oh, Pauly, you and your hyperbole!

To recap: Cabs are here Jan. 5.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson