jersey shore canceled 'Jersey Shore' Season 6 trailer features pregnant Snooki and more GTL“Jersey Shore” is ending after Season 6, which the gang filmed over the summer of 2012, so the trailer for the new season feels a little more poignant than usual. Obviously much of the season will focus on Snooki’s pregnancy, but the new footage shows Mike returning from rehab and the whole group really savoring their last summer together.

Before the new trailer, though, the Macaroni Rascals took a walk down memory lane with a recap/clip show called “Jersey Shore: Gym, Tan, Look Back.” If you watch the show, you’ve already seen everything the gang reminisced about: the bromance between Pauly and Vinny, Snooki meeting Jionni, the coining of the phrase “GTL.”

But there were also a few things we were reminded of, including Vinny’s awesome purple pants, and the fact that they went to Miami (be honest: that season was so boring you forgot about it too).

The final season of “Jersey Shore” premieres Thursday, Oct. 4 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

What did you think of the clip show? What do you think of the new trailer?

Posted by:Jean Bentley