“Jersey Shore” premieres tonight (Thursday, Jan. 6) on MTV and besides the fact that this time the crew is arriving in Seaside Heights with a lot more notoriety and a whole lot more money in the bank, there’s also a new roommate, Deena Nicole Cortese
And she must not know the first rule of The Shore: You don’t just get respect. You have to earn it.
“Like everyone thinks everyone in this house is like bad news or you know too crazy,” Deena tells MTV.com. “We’re just normal kids. Like we’re just doing the same things everyone else is doing. We’re not really slutty like everyone thinks. We’re not all these bad things everybody is saying.”
Hm, if a veteran like Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi said the same thing or someone levelheaded like Vinnie Guadagnino said it, we may consider it. We don’t know Deena that well, yet. So, we still need to figure out if she deserves our respect.
“You know they should give us the benefit of the doubt,” she says. “‘Cuz we’re like 23 to like 29 and we’re just living the life those ages live.”
How about it folks, will you be giving the “Jersey Shore” kids another chance?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog