jesse tyler ferguson red carpet 325 nc Jesse Tyler Ferguson skips Gay Pride Parade: 'I would have been a bit mobbed'
Jesse Tyler Ferguson has long worked for gay rights, is marrying his partner, and his character Mitch could marry Cam on “Modern Family.” Still, he steered clear of New York’s massive Gay Pride Parade Sunday (June 30) he tells Zap2it.
“I spent the day with my cast,” Ferguson says of his cast mates from “Comedy of Errors” which ended its run Sunday night at the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park.
“I did not go down to parade and watched from afar,” Ferguson says. “It was very exciting. I went when I was a kid; I was 21 and I had such a wonderful experience. I let that be the placeholder. If I went down now I would have a different experience. It might be like throwing a baby seal into a pack of sharks.”
Ferguson spent the day uptown, north of the parade that took over the city in a giddy celebration from 36th Street down to Greenwich Village, on the west side.

“I would have been a bit mobbed,” he says.
Ferguson wound up having an amazing experience on stage, which he says, brought him to tears. When it started raining heavily, the show was stopped. But theater patrons, who queue up for the entire day to score free seats for Shakespeare in an exquisite setting, were not about to give up.

“It was a very special experience,” Ferguson says. “Normally they won’t continue when it is raining sheets. Once the sound system went, we kept going, and about half the audience left. But the 600 that stayed — I was in awe of them.”
The actors wound up projecting, the dancers leaped over puddles that collected on the stage, and Ferguson who has done two Broadway shows, says he was incredibly moved by the audience and the production. 
He was a little melancholy Monday, in the wake of the production ending, but was looking forward to returning to work on the hit show.
Before he heads back to “Modern Family” Ferguson would love to try to return to the judges’ table on “So You Think You Can Dance.”
“They have asked me to come back and do a few episodes,” he says. “If it works out with the timing and my schedule I would love to come back. My purpose on the show is to be more like the audience. I am a fan of the show. I can move. I can speak to them from a fan perspective and as an actor and a performance perspective.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler