Jessica Biel is what Justin Timberlake 'needs,' says Lance BassJessica Biel officially has Lance Bass‘s stamp of approval as Justin Timberlake‘s wife-to-be.

The former ‘N Sync singer recently caught up with Us Weekly and claims that Biel is the perfect match for his former band member. The two had worked together on an episode of “7th Heaven” back in 2000 (he played Rick Palmer in an episode called “Who Do You Trust?), and he gushes that she “has not aged a bit.”

“I just love that she’s a guy’s gal,” Bass says. “She can get right in there and talk basketball, football and drink a beer with you, and that’s what he needs. He needs someone who can hang with the guys.”

It turns out that Timberlake has been waiting for the right woman to pop the question to ever since Bass knew him back in the ’90s. Bass seems excited that the pop star-turned-actor has finally picked the right woman to settle down with.

“I think Justin was ready marry when he was 14,” Bass says. “He’s always been a hopeless romantic and always in love. And he’s had amazing, amazing relationships and very long relationships. He’s never been one of those that dates a girl here and there… He’s a relationship guy.”

After dating off-and-on for five years, Timberlake finally popped the question in December 2011.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz