Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Hudson are both on top of the world right now, and it’s thanks in part to Weight Watchers. The weight loss company’s spokeswomen star in a new “Expect Amazing” ad where they talk about how Weight Watchers helped them stop obsessing about their weight.

“I was overweight my whole life,” Hudson says in the commercial, which begins airing on TV on Jan. 3. “I just figured I was born that way.” “I obsessed about my weight my whole life,” Simpson adds. “I was always on some new life-stopping diet.”

Both women credit Weight Watchers with helping them be “healthier,” but it’s unclear just how long Simpson’s weight loss will last. Though she revealed she lost 50 pounds while on the diet, she won’t continue to stick to it because she’s pregnant with baby number two. Simpson’s outfit in this ad is supposed to hide her growing baby bump, but it definitely shows through.

Simpson signed on as a Weight Watchers spokesperson in May. A rep for the program says she “will not be following the program during the pregnancy while her weight and well-being are monitored by her obstetrician, as is recommended for any woman during pregnancy. After she gives birth, Jessica and her doctor will decide when she may resume following the Weight Watchers program.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz