sal alosi Jets coach Sal Alosi trips player during game, admits it was intentionalCoach Eric Taylor would never stand for this kind of nonsense … just saying.

On Sunday, New York Jets assistant coach Sal Alosi tripped Miami Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll on the sidelines during Sunday’s game. At first, we figured it was an honest mistake, but after video of the incident was examined, Alosi admitted he did it on purpose.

]]>tells ESPN. “I remember I split the double-team and after that couldn’t tell you what happened.” Dolphins’ Linebacker Channing Crowder had some choice words for Alosi as well. “I wish they’d tripped me. I’d have broken that old man’s leg. I didn’t see anything. He stuck his leg out and tripped him? He should be ashamed of himself. A grown man from the coaching staff? That’s high character.” Ouch. The play will be reviewed, but since Alosi has already admitted that he did it on purpose, we’re guessing many will call for his termination. Even with the dirty move, the Jets still lost 10-6. We’re embarrassed for them. PTImbz*yZDhjN2U5ZTBmMmU*ZTFhOGQ*YmQxZTE*NWM*MjViZSZvZj*w Jets coach Sal Alosi trips player during game, admits it was intentional

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie