legit season 2 jim jefferies fxx Jim Jefferies: FXX's 'Legit' Season 2 is 'substantially better than Season 1'Jim Jefferies is very excited about “Legit” Season 2. The FXX comedy opted to move away from his standup material in its second season, and he thinks that is for the best.

“I think it’s substantially better than Season 1,” he says during a conference call with reporters promoting the Season 2 premiere.

After defining the characters of Jim, Billy (DJ Qualls) and Steve (Dan Bakkedahl) in the first season, “Legit” is free to get into the nitty gritty of their personalities in Season 2. That’s not always for the best of the characters, though, as both Jim and Steve find themselves on a decline this season.

“The character of Steve is very well-defined now,” Jefferies says. “This season he becomes a full blown alcoholic, and it progressively gets worse throughout the season.”

Don’t expect things to get much better for Steve, either. Jefferies likes the fact that Steve’s struggles with alcohol don’t feel corny or contrived.

“[Steve] does have a turnaround. His life does improve right towards the very end of the season. It’s not going to improve greatly, and there’s going to be another dip for him right at the very end,” Jefferies teases.

He adds that if Steve’s life does pick up, it will happen in Season 3. Additionally, Ramona (Sonya Eddy) will get an increased role and a backstory in Season 3, if it gets picked up by FXX.

It’s Billy’s life that will start to improve as the other characters’ decline. But even with all the darkness happening with “Legit’s” three leads, Jefferies believes that these men are ultimately good guys.

“[The Jim character is] not that exaggerated. It’s pretty close to me, and I don’t think I’m an a**hole,” Jefferies says. “He’s an idiot, but I think the nice things he does outweigh the bad. … I hope I empower other sleazebags and a**holes to be good people as well.”

The key to “Legit’s” brand of comedy and what makes the show that so frequently deals with touchy subjects work is that it treats all of its characters and plot points with complete honesty.

“We have a mentally challenged actor who performs regularly on our show, but I don’t think we ever do anything gratuitous,” Jefferies says of Nick Daley, who plays Rodney. “We don’t make him like a sickly, sorry character where you have to be sorry for him like a Hallmark movie.”

In many ways, “Legit” is similar to another FX comedy, “Louie.” Jefferies hopes that more shows like “Legit,” “Louie” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” — TV series starring comics playing comics — get made in the coming years.

“It has become a genre in its own right, and I think it’s a f***ing great genre,” he says. “What better way to showcase a persons talent than to showcase their actual talent?”

Beyond being a fan of Louis CK, Jefferies would also like to follow in his footsteps in terms of his comedy. He says he also plans to put out a TV special every year, and currently has a deal to release a new one on an undisclosed channel. 

That should appease fans of his standup who he says were disappointed that so many of his bits were the basis for “Legit” episodes.  In Season 2, only one episode will be based on a previous Jefferies joke (it’s set in Afghanistan). 
Jefferies also says there’s only one episode this season that he’s “not completely happy with,” though he wouldn’t reveal which it is. By comparison, Jefferies previously said he felt several episodes in Season 1 were less than what they could have been, so expect an increase in quality when “Legit” returns with Season 2 on Feb. 26 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FXX.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz