jim tressel gi Jim Tressel: Ohio State coach reportedly aware of players selling memorabilia for cash and tattoosOhio State is set to hold a press conference Tuesday night (Mar. 8) amidst a report by Yahoo! Sports that head football coach Jim Tressel had been made aware of his players’ actions a full eight months before their December suspension.

Eight Buckeyes have been punished after selling 2008 championship rings among other items to Edward Rife, the owner of Fine line Ink Tattoos in Columbus. Players were also receiving discounted services from the tattoo parlor, for which they are required to pay up to thousands of dollars to charity.

If Tressel was in fact aware of these violations in advance, there will undoubtedly be additional sanctions to the program.

“We have reported a violation, a perceived violation, that we were having discussions with [the NCAA] about the best way to handle it,” E. Gordon Gee, school president, told the AP.

The press conference will occur at 7 PM ET. If Tressel is found guilty, what level of punishment do you think is appropriate?

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci