jimmy fallon kermit Jimmy Fallon predicts new Oscar host(s): 'I'd put money on the Muppets'Jimmy Fallon thinks he knows who has the inside track on being the new Oscar host.

“I hear there’s a big Facebook push for the Muppets,” NBC’s late-late-night host tells Zap2it of the replacement(s) he anticipates for Eddie Murphy. “Kermit might be getting a phone call this week. I’m sure they have ideas of people who would do it, so even though I’d put money on the Muppets, I know Brian Grazer is a good producer.”

Since he’s an NBC fixture and ABC broadcasts the Academy Awards, 2010 Emmy host Fallon is reasonably sure it’s unlikely he’d get the call: “I don’t know. Right now, I’m just focusing on my show. This is my hosting job, five nights a week.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin