winnie rose name jimmy fallon Jimmy Fallon reveals Winnie Rose's name origins

Winnie Rose isn’t a strange name by Hollywood standards, but it’s origins might not be what people expect. Jimmy Fallon revealed the special meaning “Winnie” has for him and wife Nancy Juvoven Fallon in a new interview, and it turns out the name was chosen in honor of the lake where they would frequently vacation and even got engaged at: New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee.

“We were talking about different names. You overthink names — you don’t want a name that’s been done, but then you don’t want something so weird people are like, ‘What?!’ Winnipesaukee’s a little long,” Fallon says on “Today.” “Also she’s a ‘win’ for us.”

He adds that “The Wonder Years” connotations make the name even better. “Winnie from ‘The Wonder Years’ is the coolest girl on TV ever,” he says.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz