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We have never been able to watch surgeries on TV. Heck, we cover our eyes when we’re watching “Grey’s Anatomy.” But, Dr. Mehmet Oz may have found one way to make us watch. 
Late night host Jimmy Fallon will be undergoing the first-ever celebrity surgery performed on the “The Dr. Oz Show” stage on Wednesday’s (Feb. 23) episode.
“The audience was being really nice, acting like nothing was happening,” Fallon says on the show. “It was like a ‘Saved By The Bell’ episode, they kept saying, ‘whoa.’ I said, ‘Please make different sound effects, you guys. Just laugh at it, please. Whatever’s really painful (to watch), just laugh.'”
Oz and Fallon’s soundstages are next door to each other and they’ve become friends. So, when Oz discovered a possibly cancerous mole on Fallon’s hand, they hatched this plan to remove it on-air. 

“We had to struggle to get him downstairs to the studio after wrestling to the ground,” Oz says. “He yelled and screamed throughout this. God knows why. It was a tiny little needle. What a crybaby. I didn’t even get his co-pay. I’m going to send him a bill. A big bill.”
Oh, don’t worry, folks. The mole wasn’t cancerous after all. But better safe than sorry. Right, Jimmy? The fun doesn’t stop there. The two switch places as Fallon assists another doctor and Oz’s sister to remove a scar beneath Dr. Oz’s eye.

Watch a sneak peek of Fallon about to undergo surgery:

Squeamish isn’t the word for Fallon. He’s more like, hm, terrified?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog