tony zerilli jimmy hoffa info Jimmy Hoffa tip: Tony Zerilli claims to know where Teamster leader is buriedThe whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa have been debated an investigated ever since the labor union leader disappeared in 1975. Tony Zerilli, an alleged former high-ranking member of Detroit’s La Cosa Nostra mafia, claims he knows where Hoffa is buried and he wants the secret revealed before it dies with him.

In an interview with WDIV, Zerilli says that all of the outlandish stories about Hoffa’s disappearance are wrong, claiming that, “What happened to Hoffa was very simple. He got picked up over there and buried.”

Zerilli, who was in jail at the time of the disappearance, believes Hoffa was buried in northern Oakland County, Michigan, in what is now a vacant lot. Retired FBI agent John Anthony, who once worked the Hoffa case, believes Zerilli’s words carry some weight, saying, “You have to regard it as pretty d*** good, pretty credible, reliable and worthy of the FBI following up on it.”

Zerilli says that he had no knowledge of the plot against Hoffa beforehand and maintains that while he served served time for racketeering charges he was never involved in the mafia.

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