jimmy hoffa remains not found gi Jimmy Hoffa's remains not found following new tip and search

The location of Jimmy Hoffa’s remains continue to be a mystery. After the FBI executed a search warrant on a Michigan field Monday (June 19), many thought the former Teamsters boss would finally be found, however that was not the case. Hoffa was last seen in 1975.
The latest tip came from Tony Zerilli, an alleged former high-ranking member of the La Cosa Nostra mafia in Detroit. He was the man who said Hoffa was buried alive in the Oakland Township field, north of Detroit, after he was struck with a shovel. Zerilli also claims a concrete slab was placed over Hoffa’s body.
The FBI have concluded their search after digging up the field though,and walk away empty-handed once again. The FBI has been searching for Hoffa’s remains on and off for decades. According to USA Today, there were some officials who were skeptical about the search. There was reportedly an alert from a Michigan State Police K-9 Tuesday and there is some question about whether the dog senses human or animal remains.
In the meantime, the FBI’s search of the field officially ended Wednesday (June 19), only a few hours after digging resumed. 

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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