Jimmy Kimmel is pretty much in love with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Sure, it’s a love based on absurdity, but it’s true affection nonetheless. That pretty much explains why the host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” appeared as a guest on Ford’s web series, “Ford Nation,” on Sunday (April 13).

What could the host of a popular late-night show and a mayor best-known outside of his own city for smoking crack talk about? The men mostly stuck to relatively innocent topics like ties and Rob Ford bobble-head dolls and whether or not Kimmel was dressed like a magician.

Did you know Rob Ford bobble-heads are worth $900 on eBay?

Of course, the men had to really rib each other. Doug Ford — Rob’s brother and co-host — pointed out that “Jimmy Kimmel Live” only stayed on the air by the grace of Ford staying in power in Toronto. “So when are you going to get your backside up here to save your job and start door-knocking to make sure this guy keeps you going every single night?” Doug asked Kimmel.

Ford is currently running for re-election in Toronto but faces stiff opposition in the wake of a drugs scandal that linked the mayor to crack cocaine, murdered drug dealers, public drunkenness and offensive language on-camera. He appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” back on March 3.

Posted by:Laurel Brown