phil mcgraw jimmy kimmel live abc Jimmy Kimmel Halloween video: Dr. Phil says it will keep him in businessJimmy Kimmel had everyone laughing for the third year in a row with the 2013 edition of his “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy” prank, wherein he asks some hilariously cruel parents to film themselves tricking their kiddos, telling them they’ve, you know, eaten all their Halloween candy.

Dr. Phil McGraw appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Wednesday (Nov. 6), where he admitted that, however funny he finds the videos, he’s certain the parents involved are setting their kids up for a lifetime of therapy. “It’s like roadkill. You can’t look away,” McGraw said, laughing over the clip. “And it will keep me in business for years to come.”

McGraw also razzed the late-night host over his involvement with the O Magazine December issue. The issue, which features Oprah Winfrey‘s yearly list of her “Favorite Things,” includes Kimmel on the foldout of the cover, dressed as an elf who’s sitting at a sewing machine, working on the very dress Winfrey’s rocking on the cover.

McGraw, who’s been involved with the publication since its inception, teased Kimmel, “After I saw this, I don’t know, I just felt cheap.”

Kimmel poked back, “Are you jealous? Upset with me or Oprah?”

The daytime doc admitted he was just teasing, admitting he was actually a fan of the concept. “I’m tickled to death that you were there, and I think it’s great.”

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Posted by:Billy Nilles