By now, you’ve likely heard the rumors: Bruce Jenner is in the process of getting a sex change. Though that claim has been denied by pretty much every party involved, that didn’t stop Jimmy Kimmel from poking fun at it on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Using the new Facebook look back video feature introduced to honor the social networking site’s 10th anniversary, Kimmel “made” one for Jenner that starts back in 2004 “when you were a man.” Fast forward to 2014: Apparently Jenner’s “Yeah, I’m rockin’ a bob, so what?” “status” got 68 likes. As for “And yes, I’m a full A cup now #blessed,” only 35 likes. Sorry Jenner.

The funny video ends with a surprise flash forward in time that won’t be spoiled here, but needless to say the Kardashian family likely won’t be laughing too hard over this one.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz