Into our world Monday (Aug. 19) dropped this mysterious video from Bad Robot, the production company run by “Lost” co-creator, “Star Trek Into Darkness” director and soon-to-be “Star Wars Episode VII” helmer J.J. Abrams.

The video is called “Stranger,” and it’s for … what, exactly? No one knows. Bad Robot has a couple dozen movie and TV projects in various stages of development, and story details about a lot of them are tightly under wraps. So let’s look at the video and see what we can figure out, shall we?

After a shot of a starry sky, the camera whips down to a man falling to his knees at a beach. Piano music reminiscent of the quieter moments in Michael Giacchino‘s “Lost” score plays while the man — who has some sort of rope or binding, now broken, around each wrist — struggles to his feet and walks up the sand toward a couple of lights in the distance. The voice-over narration says, “He arrived knowing nothing of himself. Who is he? Soon he will know. Because what begins at the water shall end there, and what ends there shall once more begin. This is what happens — men become lost, men vanish, men are erased … and reborn.”

At “erased,” the camera pans again to an out-of-focus light, which we soon see is being held by a man … whose mouth is stitched shut. After that disturbing shot, the words “Soon he will know” appear on screen and drop off one by one, with “know” vanishing first, followed by “he” and “will.”

So what’s it all mean? Two of the more popular theories floating around online involve an Aquaman movie (because water) and a remake of “The Crow” (the “reborn” part). There is a “Crow” remake in development, but Bad Robot is not involved in any way. Nor is the company — or anyone else, for that matter — actively working on an Aquaman project.

A couple others wonder if this is somehow a cryptic teaser for the forthcoming “Star Wars” movie — but “Star Wars” hardly needs this sort of buzz-building. NBC’s midseason series “Believe”? Plausible, but “Stranger” looks nothing like the trailer for the show that debuted at Comic-Con.

Your guess, then, is as good as anyone’s — though it would be really intriguing if “Stranger” was a very long-lead tease for “The Stops Along the Way,” the unproduced Rod Serling script Bad Robot bought back in June. Try to imagine Serling reading the voice-over, at least.

What do you think “Stranger” is teasing?

Posted by:Rick Porter