Though fans are sometimes divisive on his work, J.J. Abrams is considered one of the greatest innovators in Hollywood today. From putting his stamp on “Lost” to “Cloverfield” to “Star Trek” and now “Star Wars” and FOX’s upcoming show “Almost Human,” he’s been testing new waters for a while.

During an interview on “Tavis Smiley,” Abrams acknowledges that the term “innovation” can sometimes have its pitfalls. He is candid about what he and everyone else at Bad Robot try to avoid when developing new projects, like his recently released interactive novel “S.”

“We live in a moment in films, for example, where you can do anything. Where you can just see anything, show anything. I think that’s cool and great, but there’s a certain inauthentic quality sometimes that comes with that, where you feel like the ability to sort of do anything ultimately leads to sometimes an empty spectacle,” he says. “I think innovation can sometimes perceived as something that is like visually dynamic or gimmicky, for lack of a better term.”

Abrams continues, “I think that with this book and certainly with the work that we try to do in TV and movies, we try to tell stories that aren’t as much innovative in terms of new technologies and new techniques but make people feel something. Like, the innovation of how do you do something differently. The fun of this was it actually, reading it myself, I was actually feeling I was hoping people would have, which was, ‘I’m not seeing this anywhere else.’ I guess that to me is what innovation really is. It’s like what is and doesn’t exist.”

What do you think of Abrams’ take on innovation?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz