joan rivers go daddy Joan Rivers for Go Daddy: Memorable advertising or branding mishap?Go Daddy has been building up (or at least attempting to) the teasers for their newest spokeswoman by posting pictures of her, um, assets for the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. Go Daddy encouraged viewers to guess the mystery woman’s identity based on the images.

Even if we had cared enough to actually guess her identity, we apparently couldn’t have, as the images look to be that of a body double.

Joan Rivers was announced during Sunday’s (Feb. 6) Fox broadcast as the latest rep for — the “hottest new domain.”

Introduced by fellow Go Daddy girls, Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels, let’s just say Rivers wasn’t exactly the “hot Hollywood icon” we were expecting. Especially since the extended web-only commercial makes it extremely apparent that her head is sitting atop a body that definitely does not belong to her.

According to Popeater, the body double may be that of Tabitha Taylor, who previously appeared in a Super Bowl ad for the company back in 2009.

As for how the new Go Daddy girls got along on set, Rivers admits it wasn’t all peaches.

“Those two Go Daddy girls are haters,” she complains. “Jillian kept looking at my body, and I said ‘Oh please, Jillian.'”

We’ll give the company props though. After many years of predictably racy ads, at least they made one of this year’s spots less-predictably racy.

What do you think of Rivers as the newest Go Daddy girl? Smart, memorable advertising move, or brand image slip-up?

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci